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Leitrim Equation 2 with Dervish

Leitrim County Council’s second Traditional Music Residency featured the renowned traditional group DERVISH. During their time in the county, Dervish shared their time and musicality at every turn demonstrating enormous respect for all the people they met and for the living tradition they encountered throughout the length and breadth of Leitrim.


Dervish’s Cathy Jordan met and sang with a number of Leitrim singers with the aim of identifying songs native to Leitrim and bringing them to a new audience. During that time Cathy and the band met and sang with Leitrim singers such as Fionnuala Maxwell, Eleanor Shanley, Mary McParlan, Eamonn Daly, Tom Mulvey and Rosie Stewart. They also shared a memorable bonfire night swapping songs with actor Adrian Dunbar who, when in Ireland, resides in North Leitrim.


'‘The Leitrim Equation2’ consists of a mixture of songs and music from Dervish and Leitrim musicians they met and worked with during their time in the county. The emphasis of this recording is on the ‘voice’ of Leitrim as explored through familiar songs such as ‘Lovely Leitrim’, ‘Shores of Lough Bran’, and ‘My County Leitrim Queen’ given a Dervish twist.




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