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Leitrim Equation 3 with Dónal Lunny, John Carty & Séamus Begley

For the third Leitrim Equation residency, three individual musicians – Dónal Lunny, John Carty and Séamus Begley were invited to come together in Leitrim. It was a variation on the previous residencies as they had only ever played together once before and the plan was that although they would start out as individual musicians, their time in Leitrim would allow them to come together and produce a collective sound born in Leitrim - a Leitrim Equation 3 sound.


According to the three musicians, they claim the journey for each of them was very rewarding as they began to get to know each other as well as their counterparts throughout Leitrim musically as well as personally. They listened to and absorbed Leitrim’s distinctive and rich musical tradition against the unique backdrop of the dramatic Glens of North Leitrim to the green, leafy, lakeland vistas of McGahern’s Leitrim. Out of this grew many musical ideas and a sound which became their own and is the core of this CD.


An important element of this residency was to support emerging musicians who wished to develop their practice professionally and gain more knowledge in all areas of the artform. They hoped they contributed somewhat to that, but are convinced that they equally gained and learned from meeting the finest of people who were so welcoming and giving of their time and talents. Not only was music shared but stories, laughter, and at all times, an easy hospitality.




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